Impact Club

Impact Club is a startup powerhouse for social impact and wellbeing iniatives

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What we
are looking for &
what's already there?


We want to help companies & invest in projects that do not only create new business but also truly change the society around us and bring good things to the world.

Wellbeing & preventive healthcare.

Wellbeing and preventive healthcare are other key areas we are interested in. We are looking for early stage startups or even potential founders with great idea but no team yet. Let's do it together!


We already have a few masterpieces in our portfolio, including Mightifier, an award winning service which helps kids to become masters with their social and emotional skills so that teachers see more positive class atmosphere and less bullying!

What we
are offering


We can bring new focus & power to your business plans and product roadmap.


Do you need help with brand work, design, UX/UI development or in tech development? We can work on all these areas together with you.


Our own investment can be both cash & sweat equity and we can also help you to find the next round together with us, utilising our wide networks.