Unseen Art
We are involving artists from all over the world to re-create classical art paintings in 3D. Sharing the models for free so that they can be 3D printed and experienced both in exhibitions and at people´s homes. A new accessible way to experience art for the blind.
Own Product / Venture



Things we learned


Art is universal but not equally accessible. There are millions of people who will never be able to experience classical art pieces that have shaped and influenced our culture and the world around us. For those people the only way to experience is through someone else.
Working closely with our test group, we had the opportunity to quickly prototype and test out how we could improve the experience. This was crucial, as bringing classical artworks to the third dimension was truly a challenge. Is too much detail overwhelming? What is the best material to touch? Scale and depth...

Unseen Art has been featured in hundreds of publications. With a little help from the media we have been able to reach millions of people in over 200 countries. The strong support has been powering the project from the get go. We are getting new inquiries everyday from all over the world.
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